Gamification Case Studies

Gamification Case Studies

How do you motivate Sales Team Performance?

Gamification is a rapidly growing trend in today’s enterprise sales organizations. More and more companies are embracing the idea of using game mechanics to engage, challenge and motivate their sales teams to perform.

In this eBook, Hoopla has compiled case studies from customers including ConnectAndSell, Glassdoor, Zillow, and Xactly to illustrate exactly how gamification can be used to drive sales behaviors.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • What is gamification?
  • How would it work in my organization?
  • Does sales gamification really work?
  • What are the elements of an effective gamification program?
  • What benefits will I get from a gamification program?
  • How have other sales organizations done this successfully?

Download the eBook:

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